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Film contest for pupils launched by Scottish European Educational Trust

Film contest for pupils launched by Scottish European Educational Trust

The Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET)’s ‘Our World’ is a free film making project.

Designed to encourage global citizenship, language learning and uptake among pupils, the project is open to any team of four from S3 – S6, with no previous film making knowledge or experience required.

According to SEET, over 70% of participant pupils involved in last year’s project said they were more likely to take languages into their next year as a result of taking part.

All teams have to do to enter is come up with a creative idea for a film, based on this year’s theme. Then, with the help of staff from SEET, teams will put that idea into storyboard form and send it to SEET with an audio or video clip explaining it. The deadline for storyboard submissions is 3rd December 2019.

Working as part of a team of four, pupils participating in the project come up with a creative idea for a short film about being a citizen of the world. Their team should consider one of the following themes to get started:

Sustainable Tourism (going on holiday, exploring other countries and cultures and making a positive impact on the environment)
Migration and welcome (refugees, moving abroad, how people are treated)
Trade (how businesses work in different countries, importing and exporting)

The film produced must include the use of at least one language other than English, but how or when you use it is up to the team.

After all the entries are submitted, 18 teams from across Scotland will be invited to one of three regional film making workshop days (roughly 6 teams per workshop) where they will get the opportunity to make their film a reality, with pupils given technology and professional training on the day to help them.

Finally, to celebrate the completed films, teams will be invited to a premiere and awards ceremony, where they can showcase their work for the first time to friends and family.

Throughout the project SEET staff are happy to make trips to schools and answer any questions people might have.

If you’d like to register or sign up a team just click this link.


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