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Global Acts of Unity aims to promote tolerance in Scottish schools

Global Acts of Unity aims to promote tolerance in Scottish schools

Global Acts of Unity is a campaign promoting unity, tolerance and understanding in schools. Its founder is Mike Haines.

In 2014, Mike’s brother, David, was murdered by the terrorist group ISIS. Following such a tragic event and harrowing loss, Mike founded Global Acts of Unity so that something positive could come out of such a senseless and barbaric act.

Writing of his decision to found the campaign, Mike says, “If I live with anger and hate, the terrorists have won. Through creating fear and distrust, they want to turn us against each other. They want to turn community against community. So, I want to talk of unity, tolerance and understanding.”

Taking his campaign one step further, Mike has began to offer schools across the country the opportunity to get in touch with him, with some colleagues having already invited Mike to their schools to provide powerful and thought-provoking presentations.

As Mike writes on his website, “If I hate the people who killed my brother, they win. I will not let hatred enter into my life. I will fight to my dying breath against the fear and discord they seek to instill in us. This is now my path in life. This is why I created global acts of unity.”

Anyone wishing to find out more or to access classroom resources can do so by visiting the Global Acts of Unity website – just click here.


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