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European Global Citizenship project

European Global Citizenship project

The following update is published on behalf of ScotDec.

This is an exciting professional learning opportunity and a chance to get involved with a European Global Citizenship project. It’s a chance to explore how you can embed Learning for Sustainability with a Global Citizenship focus into your subject area while working with like-minded peers. It’s a chance to network with colleagues in other parts of Europe and take part in international sharing meetings. The project is launching and January and we are currently looking for a small group of teachers to take part in the initial project activities.

Project summary

This project will be delivered by 10 partner organisations across Europe and is only for secondary
schools and teachers. Activities are focussed on developing national, subject specific teaching materials (produced by teachers) and providing training to support Global Citizenship in key curriculum areas. There will be an overarching theme on how to explore controversial global issues (such as migration, refugees, climate change, etc) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within these activities. Teachers will have an opportunity to network with teachers from across Europe at international seminars and a conference.

Further activity is focused on work with pupils, supporting them to take action on local / global issues which are important to them. The young people will raise awareness within their local communities about the SDGs and other current issues which are important to them. The impact of this work will be evaluated specifically using specially developed participatory impact assessment tools.

A final strand of the project looks at creating a supportive environment for teachers to develop this work and advocating for the importance Education for Global Citizenship.

Teacher working groups

In the first year of the project Scotdec will recruit 2-3 teachers from the following curriculum areas: Maths, Science, MFL, English and Social Subjects. The teachers will work within these groups to identify opportunities for developing Global Citizenship within their curriculum area and developing some support materials to exemplify this. The information below gives you an idea of what is involved. It is anticipated that the working groups will start in March / April 2018 and run for a year. There is financial remuneration available either to cover time out of school or personal time working on the project.

Indicative timetable and approximate time commitment

  • Initial training – 2 x days
  • 3 further face-to-face meets in individual curriculum working groups plus email communications
  • Midterm training – 1 x day
  • International – there are some opportunities for collaboration with colleagues across Europe:
  • 1 teacher to attend the methodological framework meeting in Warsaw (3 x days)
  • 1 teacher rep from each curriculum working group to attend international, sharing good practice in Bratislava.

Main task of working groups:
Identify opportunities within your curriculum area to include GC with a particular focus on controversial issues and the SDGs

Develop general approaches guidance material for peers

Create, trial and revise 15-20 ready to use activities for peers to use in the classroom

Follow up:

In years 2 and 3 of the project there will be a role out of training and the materials. Teachers from the working group will have an option of leading professional learning with colleagues during this role out. This includes becoming a mentor for teachers participating in online learning programmes. If you are interested in finding out more about the project and to register your interest, please contact charlotte@scotdec.org.uk

About Scotdec
Scotdec is a Global Learning Centre which has been supporting global citizenship education for
nearly 30 years.

Our vision

Our vision is that young people in Scotland are able and motivated to challenge global inequality – creating a fairer future for all.

Our values are based on a commitment to social justice and sustainable development and belief that people can bring about change.

We aspire to work in an inclusive and participatory way and have a creative and responsive approach to learning.

Our work
Scotdec staff work towards our vision by providing quality professional learning opportunities and resources to support global citizenship across all sectors of education. We gather evidence to demonstrate the social and educational value of global citizenship to educators and policy-makers across Scotland.

Our team
Scotdec has a small but very professional staff team with many years of experience. Our professional Learning Advisers are all qualified teachers and youth workers supported by financial and administrative expertise built up over many years. Our management committee are dedicated to ensuring that Scotdec is a professional and effective organisation, supporting global citizenship in Scottish education.

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The Modern Studies Association (MSA) is the professional body for Modern Studies Teachers, in Scotland. The MSA uses its position to consult with members and relay feedback to relevant bodies, such as Education Scotland, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Membership of the MSA is free and open to all Modern Studies Teachers.

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